In Fedonta, there are a number of races. Some of them were gifted magic from the Source in the beginning. These races are called Provenants and include:

  • Men (who became wizards and witches)
  • Elves
  • Faeries (of the tall, eloquent variety) and
  • Pixies


Some among them believed themselves to be favored. They have a disdain for other magicae tribes, clans and kingdoms, who use the magic of the four groups from above but who cannot pull magic from within. These races took haven from the Provenants and tend to live mostly among their own. For this reason, they are called Haven-ots and include:

  • Dwarves
  • Merrow (known as mermaids and mermen in less polite company) and
  • Centaurs


Then there are the mundanes. These are people of any tribe who simply refuse to believe in the existence of magic and the Source. Mostly, these are of the race of men, but once in a while they arrive among the other tribes. They are almost always outcasts.