The Magic is real.

The Realm

We all want to believe, but some of us find it hard to make the leap. Follow my links and you will start to understand how delightful the magic is. The Realm of Fedonta, what most of you will consider the dream realm, will tell you about the world of elves, dwarves, centaurs, faeries and magical beasts and mythical creatures. It will help you know the lore behind the stories. It will help you understand and experience the tastes and sights of that magical land. Most of you will consider the waking realm as the here and now, where you are reading this page. People of Fedonta, however, would argue which realm is real.

The Stories

If you want to know what happens in Fedonta, including its rich history, and want to watch as its present unfolds, check out The Stories. As you read snippets from The Sword of Ferbandey, a short tale or a bit of poetry, you will connect with the people, feel at home with the nations and the tribes, and root for the heroes or the villains.

In a related but different realm, you can check out Quest for the King–a devotional written as a fantasy novella.