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A.J. Benson

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Welcome! Join the Journey…

I love the thin place where the mystical meets magical. On this site, you’ll find information not only about my journey, but also about fantasy and writing conferences, and more.
Quest for the King is a 60-day devotional written as a medieval fantasy novella. You can read the first two days and see about whether you are interested in the King’s quest. It was released on September 30th, 2016!
The story Dragons and Death Magic takes place in a medieval, magical land called Fedonta, which can only be entered through a door in your dreams. You can join Bren O’Landry on the journey.
If you are more interested in joining me on my journey as an author, there are tons of tidbits I have gathered for authors in the Restricted Section of the Library under Quill Tips on my company website for The Quill’s Lair.
To help you around these magical pages, here are a few pointers. You can check out writing conferences and competitions, as well as Renaissance Fairs, Harry Potter events, and Faerie Festivals in Heralds,  play wizard or dragon online games, or find fantasy crafts on some of my pages.
I also would love to hear from you! You can Send Me a Scroll via brownie to ask about my fantasy novel in-the-works or just about anything. The magic of the world can be found all around us, if we just know where to look!
May every day feel magical and be an adventure…