I hope you will enjoy a bit of my poetry…



“Duende” by Carolina Eade, posted with permission.

So vivid in her head at night:
Emotions of excitement and terror, both joyful and awful
Images of creatures and beasts, both beautiful and strange
Words of conversations and songs, both profound and alluring
Relationships of friend and family, both fleeting and forever

Who says they are not real?



With fear, once a prison,
now discarded
With age, once regret,
now embraced
With passion, once stifled,
now pursued

With reckless abandon,
she lifts the quill to tell her tale…



Medieval Tavern, photo posted with permission of Prague Experience.

Leaning out of sight in the door niche as the door gave way
Laying in the spotlight on the floor as they murmured
Gathering her belongings to the table as they watched

A stranger in an even stranger land
A stranger to herself but not to them



Do you hear the Whisper in your ear?
Do you sense the Courage in your heart?
Do you feel the Passion in your soul?

Then heed them, dear Daughter.
Your Destiny awaits.



Dare she wish?
Dare she hope?
Dare she dream?

Yes, dares she.



The caring mother, no dream too mad to follow
The mentoring father, no mystery too deep to ponder
The companions, no journey too treacherous to share

Love embodied
She, blessed among all creatures, journeys to find the Source.



She ran to and fro, making meals, correcting faults.
Care taker was she.
He stayed away, working late hours, protecting the home.
Provider was he.
Their daughter felt never loved, never enough, as they stayed away and ran to and fro.
Yet the same was she.

Their daughter, with a daughter,
Eyes opened, loving and loved was she.



Winter’s butterflies migrating and heading down into the earth
Their wings creating a pearlescent blanket across the ground
Their silent song muffling out the noise of the world

Early Winter Snow



Saturday’s travel, half a day’s journey and late night with friends.
Sunday’s productivity at home.
Monday’s dawn comes soon and the sun shines brightly.



Posted here with permission of the talented artist miszdesolted.

It touched my soul.
It reached into my very being.
It reminded me who I am meant to be.

His kiss upon my forehead.



David Lee Sheets II
Aug 23, 1966 – Jan 23, 2014

A broken man in a broken world
A faraway home in a faraway place
A tattered family in a tattered space
What he abandoned…

Booming laughter, filling rooms
Bear hugs, squeezing tight
Coffee drinking, quieting mornings
What we abandoned…

Always loving him
Always caring for him
Always believing in him
What she never abandoned…

Living in His Love with Him
Celebrating in Joy with the saints
Waiting in patience for us
What my brother, made new, does with abandon!

(Dave, on the one year anniversary of your passing from this life to the next, know I love you.)


What do you think of the poetry above? Are there other topics to cover? Let me know!




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