Want to make your home more magical? Or maybe get your kids interested in fantasy books?  This is the place to learn some creative crafts.

Apothecary Bottles  This is a great craft for any party but especially for  Halloween.

Mugwort Apothecary Bottle

Spell and Potion Books can be made in a heartbeat and are really fun for kids to have their own hidden compartment in their book.

Floating candles can offer a touch of Hogwarts in your own home or create a sense of magic in your child’s bedroom



Packing tape glowing ghost is an eerie figure to put on your front lawn for a party.
DIY Wands are wonderful for any Harry Potter or Witch and Wizard party!

Here are 30 candle ideas to light up the magic in your home! 


Many more magical crafts for you to do can be found on my Pinterest board on that topic as well.

Visit AJ’s profile on Pinterest.

 If you have magical crafts to share, please tell us about them in the comments below!




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