Sit down and share a meal with me. Fedontan fare is fantastic.

Let this be the place you come to find delectable medieval menus or fantasy fare. Shouldn’t every realm in the land be renowned for its  refreshments, sought out for its snacks and treasured for its treats? Fedonta is filled with foods which delight the senses and I will share some of those delights here.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  • Cinnamon french toast
  • Cinnamon and apple oatmeal
  • Self making pancakes–every Fedontan mom’s dream.

Entrees include hearty helpings.

Many of them can be made in your cooking cauldron, but don’t use the cauldron for potions or you might find yourself turning a little green, or little, or green. You never know! (Potion cauldrons must be cleaned out magically!)

  • Stew
  • Hattes – small meat-filled pastries shaped like Medieval hats.
  • Potage of Rice – a thick rice dish, colored gold
  • French iowtes – peas porridge with onions
  • Daryols (a simple quiche)
  • Poor man’s stew
  • Tartelettes – pork dumplings in meat sauce
  • Crustade – an egg & chicken pie, topped with whole chicken pieces.
  • Oyle soppes – an onion-ale soup served over bread
  • A dauce egre – fish in a sweet and sour onion sauce

Sides are staples too!

  • Colcannon (smashed potatoes, cabbage and onion)
  • Sweet potato mash
  • Bread

Don’t forget desserts! These sweets are among the best fare that Fedonta has to offer.

  • Crackling hot chocolates–one bite and your mouth is on fire, literally! (The dragons in Fedonta are jealous hoarders of this delicacy.)
  • Bread pudding
  • Grete pie
  • Chireseye (Cherry pudding decorated with flowers)
  • Fruays (Apple bread pudding)

Drinks are for both the wee ones and those who have finished their schooling and apprenticeships!

  • Lavender and earl grey tea
  • Forte mead, rich with the flavor of honey
  • Hot cocoa with a peppermint stick
  • Piment (a sweetened, medieval wine for special occasions)


Some additional dishes can be found on my Pinterest page on the Fedontan Food board or on websites like Medieval Recipe Translations–Gode Cookery.


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