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Quest for the KingQuest for the King is our first title, (and you can checkout the preview on CreateSpace) but we are planning for more, so please contact us regarding subjects and suggestions. Perhaps you are a talented scribe and want to contribute with your work to our publications?

You can read a sample of it and find the eBook or paperback links to purchase it here.

The Back Cover:

Quest for the King is a 60-day devotional written as a fantasy tale. As a devotional, it is the story of each of us, sent on a quest by the King of kings. As a medieval fantasy, the story takes us on a journey to find the King’s child. For both, the path is filled with obstacles and enemies. Each day is another step in the journey to find the child, complete with bible verses, reflective questions, and lines for journaling your thoughts.

The story starts with you.

You are summoned to the throne room. The Lord of the Land has a quest just for you. It is a path fraught with danger, but you must choose it of your own free will. You won’t be alone, though. There will be many on your path:

  • The Saint
  • The Prisoner
  • The Guide
  • The Promiser
  • The Liar, and others

Some will be helpers sent by the King. Some will be enemies sent by the beast who will use every weapon in his arsenal to stop you from finding the child. He will even try to steal your soul.

Will you find the child before the beast finds you?

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Cover art of a fairy tying a knot on someone's shoeCheck out The Grifty Shades of Fey, an anthology reminding us that the fair folk aren’t always so fair. “These aren’t your run-of-the-mill happy fairy tales. These are cautionary tales. The short stories within are warnings all about otherworldly conniving creatures–the Fey, Fair Folk, Fairies, and how they interact with us mere mortals. When it comes to the Fey, we don’t pretend to understand their reasoning, we just know they don’t have our best interest at heart… if they have hearts.” This anthology was contributed to by extraordinary authors including AJ Benson and David Farland, and edited by Mike Cluff of Fiction Vortex.

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